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Be different, let me help you find your perfect wedding dress…

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Discovering your style preference . Learn which dress shapes and styles work best for you, so you can be confident of your wedding dress choice. (even have me there shopping with you).  It is actually quite fun trying on different styles.  I remember when I was dress hunting I put on a full skirted tulle net dress…made me feel like Cinderella… and another hip hugging dress with a full below knee frill made me feel like Diana Ross, not the styles I was looking, but fun to see on and say no!  A more discerning eye helps to give a clearer view.


Looking at and defining your colour palette so you will see the best white for your complexion, which will give you a dazzling radiance on your special day!  It is amazing to see how a simple colour such as white can change the glow of your skin.  White is not just white!  Maybe a different colour altogether, a soft amber, or pale pink, or even a richer colour if your complexion can take it.

Stylish White









Being individual, wearing a dress that’s shows your personality and the theme of your day, be it super stylish or relaxed in the sun on a beach.  Matching the dress to the expected temperature of the day, can you imagine being too hot or too cold?  It wouldn’t make for fantastic photographs.










It is all about helping you have an amazing day, a wedding dress that fits you and is comfortable to wear – so you are not constantly fiddling with your dress, pulling it up or pulling down during the day.  Remember you will be wearing if for quite a lot of hours and you want to look fab at the end of the day as you did when you arrived, first seen by everyone.

Stylish, comfortable AND amazing is possible!!!

So if you are planning for a rush wedding this year or heading for 2016/17 get in touch at the beginning of your wedding dress hunt so I can guide on an amazing journey!!

Christine x

Great venue The Bingham Hotel

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