Summer clothes for guys…or how to keep your cool…

I have to admit I do feel sorry for business men who need to wear suits in this weather.   Us ladies can change to light dresses/suits, go bare legged, and loose fitting clothes.  Although I did meet and complimented a nice young lawyer on the tube in the rush hour on his crisp suits and shirt on Monday.   He was a little embarrassed until I told him what I do as my business.  It was a made to measure suit in a soft deep blue light weight wool and even at the end of the hot day on his way home he still look fresh and smart.

Here are some tips that may help.

Make sure that you have summer clothes in your wardrobe such as a light weight suit

blue-check-suit summer cloth King&Allen external 2012 JBP-149

Summer 3 piece Summer Wedding Suit


This can be a   light wool cloth or even a silk linen blend or if you don’t mind the creases a linen suit.  Colour plays it’s part a lighter colour absorbs less heat and looks fresher so you will too.  The other option is go for a  3 piece suit, so that you still have the waistcoat on to show a higher level of smartness than just a shirt when you remove your jacket.  If jackets are allowed to be off in the office then a good cotton shirt will help keep you cool.  It does need to be semi fitted to look smart and well pressed!  If it is tie bad luck but with no tie ensure your collar is upstanding not spread wide like a holiday shirt!!

Summer clothes in lighter materials help to keep you stylish through those steamy days at work.  Then chill at the weekend!!

IMAG0590          Max 1      Summer Club shorts


Wimbledon fortnight has been and gone – Open Golf next.  Federer and Woods – never seem to loose their style when they play their sports.

Racket-And-Tennis-Balls                     Golfball-hole close

This is because they think about their clothing and work with Nike to design clothes that will suit the conditions and keep them looking and feeling smart on court or course.  It is a distinct part of their gameplan.  Feeling good/comfortable  plays a large part  in their strategy, a belief they can play well and win!  eg. Woods last round red shirt is an example.  If you are Ian Poutler then it is all about using your Brand – brightly coloured/patterned outfits to give confidence/presence on the golf course!!  Imagine trying to play well when you are feeling like a wet rag or a colour that makes you feel uninspired.  Same goes for business, dress to keep cool and in a colour that makes you feel good and you will be able to focus on your work.


Going to be a hot one today so think about how your ‘work’ wardrobe stands up to the job of keeping you cool.

Ice Cool thoughts!!


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