Personal Styling For Women

Style. Poise. Allure.

Don’t be a trend follower. Find how to look stunning in your own way, that exudes who you are and will get you second glances and be memorable.

I work with you to help you learn about the colours that suit your complexion, clothes styles and materials that work your body shape AND take a good look at your wardrobe.

Let me take you from clothes and colours wearing you to YOU wearing fantastic colours and styles.

You will be amazed how you feel and at the compliments you receive AND YOU WILL FEEL GOOD!!

Personal Styling For Men

Style. Poise. Impact.

Get away from wearing blue all of the time, and have your going out clothes only being jeans and a shirt!!

Find a new you who is confident to wear colours and has his own style.

I help you to understand colour and style and how they can work wonders on body shape. I can also assist you with personal shopping to avoid those expensive mistakes.

How you are presented at work can impact on how you are perceived. I will help you make the best of your work style, thus increasing your self confidence with potentially career enhancing results.

Let me build you an effective and flattering wardrobe to suit your work, play and lifestyle.