Kick Start 2015…

It’s been the first day back to ‘normal’ routine for most of you and perhaps you are thinking about how this year could be better.

Not Happy? Lacking Confidence? Need a Fresh Look?… Let me help!!.

Wardrobes often get a review at this time of year SO let me help you do it right!!.  I love to DETOX wardrobes, so as it is DETOX time of year invite me to come and work on yours.  We can have an amazing, enlightening and fun time clearing the ‘FAT’ from your wardrobe.  THEN breathe new life into it, you, and your style!!

         Tidy Wardrobe

Less choice more style and more than 20% of your wardrobe will be worn – a known fact is that 80% of most clothes don’t make it out of the wardrobe.  No more standing there saying I don’t have anything to wear!!

A wardrobe DETOX will give you new confidence to wear the best clothes for you – for your work rest and play!!


A new suit to get you noticed at work, new colours to wear when you are out having fun and confidence to go and buy that coat/dress/shirt you had always wanted but never felt confident enough to purchase.(you will know your colour palette and style preference once you have worked with me)

TAKE ACTION…KICK START 2015  book an appointment with me

Christine x

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