Interview ready client…a 20 minute case study.  Kathy is a neighbour of mine in the flats where I live.

On Friday Kathy rang me saying “Can you help me with the outfit for my up coming interview?”  “Yes of course let me come to your flat, you can show me what you are planning to wear for the interview.   I can also have a rummage through your wardrobe, if I need to change things to make you an interview ready client!”


2014-12-08 14.46.53    “This is what I am planning to wear, what do you think?  Hmmm what is the job Kathy?  Lettings Manager with an international estate agent.   I really think this is not saying the right thing.  It’s a little dated in style and a bit dull.  You need to show that you know your stuff therefore you need a sharper look.  You will be letting houses for rents from £4,000/pcm or above.   Plus I’m really not sure about the skirt!!”


“What else do you have in your wardrobe?”  “How about this? “Kathy asked

2014-12-08 14.33.57 “No again rather boring, a general day at the office look but not smart or sharp enough for an interview. The jacket is too relaxed.  AND it’s black!!  Do you want this job Kathy?”

Further rummaging & searching through Kathy’s wardrobe revealed an outfit that I decided would give Kathy, confidence to give of her best in her interview.

“Ah ha found it …try this jacket Kathy”

2014-12-08 14.24.15 That’s better, much sharper, here you can borrow this silver choker necklace too, adding a bit of stylish dazzle.

And now a splash or colour…


2014-12-08 14.28.49 Voila you’re an interview ready client!!

“WOW…that looks really good… and it makes me feel confident.  It looks so much better than what I was going to wear.  Thank you!!”


“Well Kathy, that was a short lesson in thinking about how people see you, your presence and how to make an fantastic impression.  Let’s hope it works, what time is your interview?  This afternoon at 2pm.   Loads of Good Luck! Go and get yourself interview ready client  – Kathy”.  When you get home come and tell me how you got on please”.


LATER – So, how was it?  It went amazingly well, I had real confidence and felt that how I looked made a difference.   It definitely got a positive feeling from the guy who interviewed me.  He listened to what I said and made me believe that I was the right person for the job.  He even said to me “You obviously know how to present yourself well.  It is important to look the part, as you will dealing with high level clients”.

Thank you Christine, what you did with my outfit helped me so much.  I have learnt so much about presenting myself in a positive manner for an interview but also when I get the job.  Fingers crossed.

Kathy it was a pleasure,  it is what I do.  I love to see that SMILE when my clients their new self in the mirror plus that all important confidence boost.


If you feel that you lack the Interview Ready Style and live in Surrey then contact me and book a your discovery session  on – 07515691078


Christine x

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