Denim jacket…how to create your style

A denim jacket is a must have in all wardrobes.  It is a seriously versatile item of clothing.  Denim has it’s trends but it never goes out of fashion.  I remember being desperately upset when my favourite denim jacket got stolen on a holiday…it was like I had lost a friend!!

I recently saw this How to Wear a Denim Jacket video  – great for ideas.  I wear my denim jacket in all sorts of ways here I’m wearing it over a smart Hobbs dress, it just relaxes the look and then with jeans totally casual but stylish.  It also travelled to Thailand with me and has been worn over a  cocktail dress!

C-Hale_002                    IMAG0800     BKK Airport T n C c


As well as my faded denim jacket I also have  dark denim softer with more styling.


Denim + Sequins FlashFaded Denim + Sequins…Cool look!

Denim Dark + Green CoastDark Denim + Green…Fab look!


I will always have a Denim Jacket or two in my wardrobe… go get yours out and try it in different ways it shows confidence in your own style.

Send me your pictures 🙂

Christine x

Note to self – I must have more pictures taken of me in my outfits!

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