Image in business is as important as your handshake – “First impressions”
How you look/are presented does effect how you are perceived in your position inside and outside your business.
Personal Brand – we all have one even if we don’t know it!
Confidence, impact, authority, approachable, success, expert – Are these words that describe you and your personal brand?

Would you: impressed by you?
..employ you?
..promote you?
..want to work with you?

I help you discover your Personal Brand, and dress in the way to best enhance you.
If I work with a team we work to define the business brand that is desired and how best to project it to your clients both internally and externally.

I offer corporate packages:
• One to One Executive Image Consultations
• Workshops and Seminars for teams
• Groups Styling Sessions
• Group Personal Brand Awareness Sessions

I can provide tailor made sessions to suit specific company needs.

Corporate Image by Image & Style Expert Christine Hale