CHRISTINE HALE STYLE – is all about feeling good whereever you are. The relationship between you and your clothes can make or break this! I help people on an exciting journey to finding their ‘self’ in personal or business life.

Colour and style are defined by special techniques, from this I intuitively gather information about – how you like to look and feel in your clothes – to set you on the road to your stylish future. Enhancing the relationship between you and your clothes is important as it brings confidence and that ‘feeling good’ sensation, AND a smile to your face.
I am unique in my approach to personal styling understanding that psychology is involved in fashion and style. It can be like opening a box of treasures that unexpectedly adds a special something to a person’s life so they love what they see in the mirror.

Corporate life has forgotten how to project itself effectively. How you and your business is perceived is highly important. Working with businesses large and small, local and global, I offer focussed workshops that show the “How To” – project the correct business image.
The exciting and unexpected changes to your team will bring real benefit to your business bottom line. Powerful aspects come into play such as Trust, Belief, Authority and Relationship Building.

A consultation with me will be fun, enlightening and life changing. My life experience in sales and styling add a depth of knowledge which helps me tune in to your own needs and make you unique and happy!